Highlights of Unique Features

Focus on security

Data security is our highest priority that can be enhanced to the maximum level by using our optional service – XCRYPTO.

Address handling

Take advantage of the Schober experience in address handling, data validation, and listbroking.


Do you need special connection to your CRM, or other unusual requirements? We are ready to discuss, help, and possibly implement new features.

Targeting possibilities

Segment your audience by lists or by using the Target Group’s editor to create focused target groups.

Transactional mails

Send transactional mails from your e-shop.

Multilingual mailshots

Mailshots can be created in many different languages. The mail received by a particular recipient will be in the language that is registered in recipient’s profile data.

RAW data

Raw mailshot report data can be automatically uploaded to your servers to generate your own custom statistics.

Strong API

From recipient handling to complete mailshot automation.

Maximum deliverability

You have the possibility to rent dedicated servers with their own IP addresses for sending.

Ready for agency

As an agency, you can manage all your client activities with one XCampaign account.

Delivery speed

Limit the maximum delivery speed, if needed.

Apple Watch

We are ready to send mail designed for the Apple Watch.