Complete solution for email marketing

The unique, complete solution for your email communication needs with customers and potential prospects.
At Your glance

At first glance

  • Email campaign management system
  • Web-based solution: The system is provided via the Internet and can be accessed anytime with a standard browser. There are no additional costs for hardware and infrastructure.
  • Multi-tenant system: The XCAMPAIGN solution enables you to manage multiple client accounts.
  • Address Management: Simple management of extensive address data
  • Track custom profile attributes (family status, age, etc...)
  • Personalize your emails
  • Target your audience - Use plain lists or select recipients using a simplified or advanced condition editor
  • Rent additional, potential addresses from the Schober database
  • Email delivery control: bounce management, automatic blacklist check, blocking filters check
  • View your progress in statistical reports
  • Compliance with all requirements of the Certified Sender Alliance (CSA) ensures that your emails are not blocked by spam filters

The benefits for you

  • Centralized communications with your customers and potential prospects.
  • Provision of highly qualified target audience profiles.
  • Create and select individual target group directly in the system.
  • Easy and user-friendly; long training sessions are not necessary.
  • Bounce management and maximum deliverability of your newsletters.
  • Detailed reporting capabilities; track the success of your campaign in real time.
  • Quick release for your business and adaptation to your individual requirements.

Your benefits
  • Mailshot Selection

Email / newsletter distribution

  • Create emails  using customized templates or directly provided content to match your Corporate Identity
  • Send emails in Text, HTML, or Apple Watch format
  • Automatically personalize your emails
  • Parallel A/B Tests with automatic or manual decision (send variants to sample recipients and select the most successful variant by its open or click rate)
  • Preview and test deliveries
  • Start your email campaigns at defined times with the option to set a maximum delivery speed
  • Send event triggered emails (Birthday, etc...)
  • Send transactional emails
  • Voucher codes can be imported automatically to your email or created automatically
  • Send attachments (automatic antivirus scan)
  • Free image hosting
  • Newsletter features: Table of contents, Tell-a-friend links, edit recipient profile, pre-filled contact and order forms can be integrated
  • Prepare chained multi-channel campaign
  • Dynamically generated RSS feed to be read by RSS readers
  • Email Sender settings support SPF checks, DKIM usage, DMARC checks, personalized sender names, personalized sender email
  • Automated hard and soft bounce detection with filtering
  • Internet service providers' Blacklists  are monitored

Addresses and target groups management

  • Recipient profiles can be imported to XCampaign and used to personalize and track mailshots
  • Recipient profiles can be also collected via online forms and/or API
  • Recipient profiles have configurable attributes (e.g., sex, age, interest, etc...)
  • Profile data can be viewed and edited in the GUI of the application
  • Recipient profiles are updated automatically after recipient actions (unsubscribe, recipient profile edit, etc.)
  • Recipient profile status changes are tracked
  • Several methods to select a mailshot audience:
    • Send to recipients selected using an external file (e.g., from your CRM system)
    • Send to a more focused audience, selected with one of XCampaign's condition builders (recipient attributes, reactions, or usage in campaigns)
  • Limit how often each profile can be used within a time period
  • Statistical analysis of address databases
  • Additional addresses are possible to rent from the Schober databases
  • Handles large profile databases
  • Decide for yourself if your account will allow or deny duplicate emails
  • Vlastnosti příjemce emailů
  • Statistický přehled

Statistics, analysis and reporting

  • Automatic real-time report generation
  • Reactions report (opens and clicks, conversions)
  • View real clicks in the email preview
  • View statistics for a given language of mailshot
  • Several mailshots can be compared to each other
  • Trends
  • Individually configurable statistics with a graphical analysis of the address data (e.g., gender, marital status)
  • Portfolio Reports - attributes division, registration/unsubscribes, target group statistics
  • Reports the recipient's client software and operating system
  • View recipient reactions on a timeline
  • Reports are displayed using graphs and tables
  • Export statistics to MS Excel spreadsheets
  • Raw data - automatically upload entire delivery data to client servers

Always in focus - the security of your data.

  • Modern, high-security data center and infrastructure as used in banks and insurance companies.
  • 24/7 system management and monitoring, daily full backup, firewall security.
  • Server hosting is ISO 27001 certified.
  • As a member of DDV, BVDW, ECO, SDV, and CSA as well as the TÜV SÜD 2013 security certificate guarantees that Schober is in compliance with all standards for data security.
  • XCampaign undergoes a security audit each year by a specialized auditing company.
  • Security setting changes are tracked and can be viewed by the client manager
  • All logins to your account (including support staff) is tracked and can be viewed by the client manager
  • User login may require providing a certificate
  • User access to XCampaign can be limited to listed IP addresses
  • User passwords are not stored in the database
  • The entire application uses https protocol
  • Protection against brute force attacks to login
  • User login may be restricted to only specific days of the week
  • Users have specific roles (client manager, layout manager, etc...)
  • The option to use the XCRYPTO service to encrypt data - detailed information.


Web forms

  • Create custom web forms 
  • Data entry plausibility checks
  • Multilingual form configuration
  • Forms can be used for recipient profile management, new profile registration, unsubscribe confirmation, profile confirmation (Opt-in, Double opt-in)

Interfaces, data import and export

  • Interface to ERP and CRM systems
  • Import address data from CSV and XML files
  • Export address data as CSV and XML files
  • API functions available through HTTPS requests or web service
  • API includes functions for managing profiles, sending mailshots, sending transactional emails, ordering mailshot creation, creating target groups and assigning them to mailshots, getting statistics, triggering imports, vouchers, blacklists, gallery

Service Center

  • Integrated support area for customers (1st level support)
  • Concept samples and usage examples
  • Newsletter samples and configuration support
  • Help, Tips and Tricks, FAQ