What you can count on in email marketing with XCAMPAIGN

20 years

of development of the XCAMPAIGN emailing platform

98 %

unique delivery statistics for all clients

1 million

of emails can be sent in one hour

Digital Marketing Agency

Use the services of a performance email marketing agency. We will teach you to think differently, innovate, experiment and most importantly: get results! We are here to help you achieve your goals. Let's transform your digital marketing together!

Increase profits

We measure the success of your marketing by its impact on profits and the bottom line. The performance of your KPIs determines your future direction. The goal is always profit - short and long term.

Process your data

Data is the key to success. Better said - how you use data is key. Our experts work with a range of cutting-edge technology solutions and can identify what's important to you. These insights then turn marketing into profit.

Change the mindset

Strategies to success can take many forms. After a collaborative discussion, we'll determine a direction. We don't want to wade down the much-trodden paths of mediocrity. We want you to stand out, be bold and not set small goals.

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Customized individual integration of client needs

You tell us what you need. We'll set up an account that suits your needs and wishes. With numerous optional services and maximum data security, XCAMPAIGN offers all the possibilities for your professional e-mail marketing. For automated data handling, we synchronise the data with your CRM via API according to specific requirements.

KPI - Management of performance indicators

Measure the success of your campaigns with relevant metrics. XCAMPAIGN's extensive analytical tools allow you to discover where your weaknesses are and where you excel. Your business will never stand still.

But you can track countless statistics. If you are not satisfied with just the basic metrics, but go into detail, you can constantly branch your marketing to other segments.


Highest security for sensitive data

Data security is a fundamental pillar of XCAMPAIGN. Enjoy the highest security in email marketing with the optional XCRYPTO encryption feature.

Thanks to XCRYPTO, your sensitive data will not be stored on the server, but will first be encrypted externally. Encryption ensures that your sensitive data cannot be viewed by any unauthorized person at any time. If you want, you can also define that data can only be decrypted on your own corporate network.

The system is constantly being improved with our clients, especially from the banking sector.

Personal support

If necessary, you can forward your campaigns and requirements directly to the experienced experts at XCAMPAIGN for services and advice.

Integration of customer needs

We check all specific requirements of our customers. If desired, we can implement these individual requirements. Contact us at info@xcampaign.ch and we will coordinate the details with you.

SSO - Single Sign-On System

Do you use an SSO in your company for the login of different applications? With XCAMPAIGN, the login process of all users can also be connected via SSO. This ensures the highest possible security of the user logins.

The service authenticates the end user for all applications for which they have been authorized, eliminating the need for additional login prompts. Via SSO, user activities can be recorded internally and user accounts can be monitored. A clean user management in the joiner-mover-leaver process is thus ensured.

Factor X - Automation

Automatic shipments based on recipients' preferences

Welcome email. Abandoned basket. Holiday and birthday cards. Reminder emails since last transaction. Delivery of the promised reward. Connect XCAMPAIGN to your e-shop and based on customer behavior you can automatically generate a number of campaigns and send an e-mail with specific content. Only you set the rules!

This will save you a lot of time and increase sales. Thanks to detailed reporting, the process can be precisely monitored and its performance can be shifted.

Integration of external data sources

For XCAMPAIGN, you can conveniently use data from existing external sources, such as CRM, PIM, or even Instagram.

Various data formats can be integrated (xls, csv, xml, json, etc.). There is no need to import data into XCAMPAIGN. Your data remains under your control and XCAMPAIGN updates it in real time.

Data sources can still be created and stored outside of XCAMPAIGN. For example, to personalize newsletters, you can use your product portfolio with all relevant product information, as well as your own address data from CRM or reseller addresses, and link them to XCAMPAIGN as an external source.

Transactional emails through the API

Get started with the API in minutes. The interface (API) is used to manage XCAMPAIGN functions externally. For example, you can use an API key to access XCAMPAIGN web services and manage contacts individually or in bulk operations and access campaign results. Conversely, you can also access your database in this way to automate processes.

High-speed shipping of 1 million e-mails per hour

You wish that as many recipients as possible be served as quickly as possible? XCAMPAIGN is characterized by a high delivery speed: we send you up to 1 million emails per hour. Of course, the speed can also be limited to your liking.

Address Rental

Do you want to expand your customer portfolio? Try the extensive and high-quality profile database of KünzlerBachmann Directmarketing AG. You enter the comprehensive parameters that addresses must meet and you really only get top quality. A sophisticated database of new clients can take your business to the next level!

Artificial intelligence
from Chat-GPT

XCAMPAIGN has integrated ChatGPT technology.
This allows you to use the AI ​​in XCAMPAIGN to automatically shorten, lengthen or improve your texts. This powerful support helps you to create perfect newsletters effortlessly. Benefit from the opportunity to make your messages clear, concise and appealing. Whether you want to save time or need creative support - ChatGPT is at your side for all texts used in your mailings.

Try the function and experience how easy and effective text editing or creating appealing subject lines with AI can be. Start now and optimize your newsletters!

What else can you count on in email marketing with XCAMPAIGN

Responsive design
Bounce management
ABC testing
Multilingual campaigns
Link to Google Analytics
Newsletter sharing via social networks
Personalized vouchers
Bulk SMS sending

Too complicated? Try XCAMPAIGNlight

Solutions for small and medium businesses. We have developed a simple solution in which you can easily customize attractive designs and simply import the entire list of recipients. Analyze the behavior of your subscribers with sophisticated statistics and send modern newsletters whenever you want. Look no further, in XCAMPAIGN Light you will be able to customize everything yourself. If you only want to spend a few minutes sending newsletters, give it a try.

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