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Advanced level for sensitive data

XCRYPTO – optional security for sensitive data

Data security has been KünzlerBachmann Directmarketing AG's basic foundation for more than 65 years. Your data security will be even more enhanced with the integration of XCRYPTO - an external encryption unit. Using this optional service, your sensitive data protection will be increased to the maximum level.

Enhanced level of security

Enjoy the full power of XCAMPAIGN without storing your sensitive data on the server. The encryption ensures that no one will see your sensitive data without your authorization. At your request, there is also the possibility that the data encryption will be performed in your company's internal network.

Your benefits

All "sensitive" data, indicated by you, is stored encrypted. The encryption is preformed by XCRYPTO external unit that is operated separately from XCAMPAIGN. Without XCRYPTO the data is "unreadable" by XCAMPAIGN and cannot be decrypted.
You can check or terminate XCRYPTO operations at any time.

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XCRYPTO – optional security for sensitive data
KünzlerBachmann Directmarketing AG Analytics for Successful Targeting

KünzlerBachmann Directmarketing AG Analytics for Successful Targeting

Use all available information to define your optimal target groups and the development of significant features. Benefit from new customer acquisition, cross- and up-selling, and cancellation prevention.

Better management of your campaigns

With KünzlerBachmann Directmarketing AG Analytics we will make sure that you will get all the relevant KPIs for individual CRM campaign management and strategic planning:

  • Life cycle
  • Customer value
  • Typology
  • Purchase probability
  • Development potential

Campaigns with KünzlerBachmann Directmarketing AG

Quickly and effectively gain new leads with a professional e-mail marketing campaign and Internet marketing to attract new customers. Because new customers lead to more sales and growth. Together with you, we ensure that potential new customers receive exactly the advertising message they are interested in. This will help you achieve higher response rates and better sales results.

A clean address database with the right target group segmentation provides a solid basis for every company to acquire new customers. Upon request, we will connect your address data pool with the extensive KünzlerBachmann Directmarketing AG database in order to increase the customer potential and develop new sales territories.

With a professional new customer acquisition, it is important that a thorough analysis of the customers and the markets is carried out beforehand. These later serve as a basis for decision-making for the planned marketing measures of new customer acquisition. The address dealer KünzlerBachmann Directmarketing AG has many qualitative and up-to-date corporate and private addresses from Switzerland. This comprehensive address database allows you to select the exact target group based on various criteria. Your ad will only be targeted to customers or businesses that are likely to be interested in your offer. Accordingly, scattering losses can be largely prevented.

Campaigns with KünzlerBachmann Directmarketing AG
Single Sign-on (SSO)

Single Sign-on (SSO)

XCAMPAIGN allows to configure the client proprietary Single sign-on system to ensure that Client users have one set of login credentials for all Client's applications where user and role management is fully controlled by Client's own administrators.

Single sign-on (SSO) is a session and user authentication service that permits a user to use one set of login credentials (e.g., name and password) to access multiple applications. The service authenticates the end user for all the applications the user has been given rights to and eliminates further prompts when the user switches applications during the same session. On the back end, SSO is helpful for logging user activities as well as monitoring user accounts.

Voucher Server

The Voucher Server is an external application for voucher handling that can be used with any types of mailshots. With the Voucher Server, you can generate vouchers or import your own vouchers.The recipients specific and personified vouchers can be inserted into the mailshot content.

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Voucher Server

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