Security of your data

All your security needs under one roof

Always in focus - The security of your data

For the XCAMPAIGN application, we guarantee the highest level of protection and security for your data.

Secure data storage

CSA Certified

Security through access control

  • Tracking of all changes to security settings
  • Tracking and monitoring by a customer or security manager
  • Tracking of all logins to your account (including support staff logins)
  • Monthly report of all users including the date of last user access
  • Ability to restrict access to your XCAMPAIGN account using 2FA or IP address restriction
  • If you wish, we can also connect access to your XCAMPAIGN account via SSO
  • Protection of access against brute force attacks
  • Different user roles restricting the range of functions

Data protection law

All technical and organizational measures related to personal data are carried out extremely carefully within the framework of the applicable data protection law. This includes:

Data transfer

Optional service XCrypto

In order to achieve optimal data security, we offer our customers a unique optional encryption of profile attributes (CID fields). These profile data (mostly personal), called sensitive, are stored in the database as cryptograms (encrypted). Only the customer can decrypt this data. Even the support staff has no insight into this data.