Don't you know which version is right for you?

Do you run a small business or are you responsible for a class or a club? Would you like to regularly inform a few hundred people about your news by e-mail and are you looking for a simple and professional solution to manage your newsletter recipients, design and send newsletters?
Then XCAMPAIGN light is the right tool for you!

Check out the XCAMPAIGN light prices

Do you work for a medium-sized or large company and want to use email marketing as a strategic tool? Do you regularly address several thousand recipients and/or do you have special needs in terms of marketing automation, corporate design and data protection?
Then XCAMPAIGN Professional is exactly the right partner with our service, with the individual solution for you!

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Technical Comparison

  • Free easy online registration
  • Timeless access - No demo or test period
  • 3.000 emails monthly or more by subscription
  • No support needed
  • Modern easy interface
  • Intuitive email campaigns
  • Detail campaign reports
  • Signup and unsubscribe forms
  • Eye-catching professional email templates
Light Check out the XCAMPAIGN light prices
  • Personal support included
  • Unlimited emails per month
  • Personal training suburb
  • Team of experts, designers and developers for custom solutions
  • High email delivery
  • Advanced profile database and target groups
  • Selecting email campaign recipients according to defined criteria
  • The content of mailshots tailored to recipient preferences
  • Automatic performance of mailshot content from external data sources
  • Automatically sent mailshots based on an event (e.g. birthdays)
  • Repeatedly sent mailshots on a predefined schedule
  • Encrypting sensitive recipient data using XCRYPTO
  • SMS messaging option
  • A/B/C testing for different variations of mailshots
  • Transaction mailshots
  • Scheduled mailshots
  • Voucher Server
  • And many other functions...
Check out the XCAMPAIGN PRO prices